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Supreme Floor Covering

This building was a 30,000+ sq ft warehouse with a 3,600 sq ft attached office space that completely burned to the ground. All contents and inventory were lost. We have rebuilt both the office and the warehouse with some new additional pieces We also have worked with the owner on retrofitting the interior of the building when it comes to flooring, shelving, and other specialty designs.

Total Loss: $ 6,700,000

Golden Glow.jpg

Golden Glow Ballroom

This 40,000 square foot building was a complete loss due to an electrical fire. Our crew of over 30 people worked on it each day. It was rebuilt and ready for weddings and events in a span of 5 months. Installed were two commercial septic systems with dousing valves, 1000-amp switch gear, and a 5,000,000 BTU furnace system.

Total Loss: $ 1,400,000

Golden Glow.jpg

SMG Corp

This 700,000 square foot machine shop was a victim of Hurricane Sandy. Due to the storm surge, the building took on over 6 feet of water. The project took a total of 46 days and included eradication of water, mitigation, and remediation.

Total Loss: $ 2,700,000

SMG Corp.jpg

Saginaw Machine Systems

A lightning strike caused damage to all the machining on the 1st floor and wiped out HVAC and the service entrance for the support offices. This was a large content loss.

Total Loss: $ 680,000

Sag Machine SYstems.png

Michigan Brewing Company

The brewery sustained a significant amount of water damage, including damage to pipes, pumps, and everything electro-mechanical. This job took a total of 14 days.

Total Loss: $ 700,000

Mich Brewing Company.jpg

United Way

An elevator panel catching fire caused smoke damage through the entire 39,000 square foot building. The building needed immediate ventilation and air scrubbers placed. This job took 3.5 days.

Total Loss: $ 120,000

United Way.jpg

Happy's Pizza

The kitchen catching fire caused damage to the entire restaurant facility. Mitigation and structural work needed to be performed to make sure the building didn’t collapse. The project was put back together to better than pre-loss conditions.

Total Loss: $ 400,000

Happys Pizza.jpg

Key West Storage

A car fire in the middle unit caused 18 other units to catch fire in addition to smoke damage to additional units. Strongbacks were placed to secure the structure. New framing needed to be placed and all damaged units rebuilt. Project lasted less than 3 months.

Total Loss: $ 375,000

Key West.jpg

Court St

The tornado that struck Gaylord, MI caused extensive damage and totaled this home. As a result of their policy, the homeowners were built a brand new home of their dreams.

Total Loss: $ 450,000

333959115_779297583545168_4909658703903003394_n (1).jpg


This elementary school had a major water loss in the basement causing the entire floor, books, and other supplies to be replaced. There was extensive water mitigation that was performed while the school was in session.

Total Loss: $ 60,000


Haven Oaks

2020 Mass flooding caused 4 feet of water damage to the bottom four units. Mold caused some units to be a total loss. Out-of-state owners were pleased that our knowledge of the policy allowed us to receive more than the policy limit.

Total Loss: $ 307,000

Haven Oaks.jpg


Late night porch fire caused this house to completely burn down. We reached a settlement with the insurance company quickly so the owners could purchase a new home. We handled all city ordinances to have the lot certified.

Total Loss: $ 310,000



A mattress fire on the top floor spread down the house leading to a total loss that needed complete demolition. We were able to get the homeowners the total amount possible by handling this claim from start to finish, including all the paperwork and demolition of the home.

Total Loss: $ 190,000



A pool pump caught fire causing interior damage to the entire house and basement. Services included mitigation, remediation, and an entire remodel of the first floor and basement.

Total Loss: $ 170,000


Old Kawkawlin

A broken pipe on the second floor caused damage to the entire second story, first story, and the finished basement. This house needed water mitigation and an entire remodel.

Total Loss: $ 100,000

Old Kawkawlin.jpg


A victim of the historic 2020 flood, this house had 10 feet of water in the basement and 3 feet on the 1st story. All rooms of the house were affected, including electrical, HVAC, and plumbing. From mitigation to move-in ready took a total of 5 weeks.

Total Loss: $ 85,000


Bauer Apartments

The air conditioner caught fire over Labor Day weekend. This caused 3 apartments and common areas to have substantial damage, as well as other 8 units to have smoke damage. This job has water removal, smoke damage and fire damage all to be repaired.  

Total Loss: $ 313,000

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